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About the Bug Factory

Angela and Chris, owners and founders of The Bug Factory.

Chris and Angie Hale had a vision to provide high quality, locally produced, natural enemies as alternatives to chemical insecticides. The Bug Factory Ltd began with a few cages of insects in the garage and buckets of bran mites in the bathroom and evolved over time into an full scale production facility and research center. This growth came about from the founders’ love of the outdoors and concern about the world around them, combined with their background in science, customer service and small business management.

The Bug Factory Team

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    Emiel Vanderwel

    Technical Consultant - Alberta and Saskatchewan

    Emiel Vanderwel is The Bug Factory's Alberta and Saskatchewan Technical Consultant. He is very passionate about natural biological control and productivity. he has over 20 years of growing experience ...
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    Amanda BrownMSc

    Technical Consultant

    Amanda has a Master's degree in Integrated Pest Management from the University of British Columbia. She has done pest management research for grower's groups in the Okanagan and worked for ES Crop Con...
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    Tina ZiaeiMSc

    Technical Manager

    Tina Ziaei has over 25 years experience in the Horticulture/Agriculture industry mainly in the area of biological control. Following her Bachelor degree as an Agriculture Engineer from Tehran Univers...